Ben's Charity Endeavours

Ben's Charity Endeavours

Here at Bloccs® we like to recognise the hard work that our employees do both at work and outside of it. It’s why we’re so proud of our IT Manager Ben who is taking part in The Heavy Metal Truants 2023.

About Heavy Metal Truants 2023

Truants is a virtual sponsored bike ride which involves Ben will riding 333 miles in 12 days between the 27th May until the 9th June.

Truants raises money for four different charities:

These charities are extraordinarily worthy causes who work so hard to improve the lives of children every day. All money raised helps provide children with access to education, health care, counselling or music therapy to help not just meet their needs but exceed them, allowing children to thrive regardless of circumstance.

The Truant Event and Bloccs®

“Here at Bloccs® we understand that children take a lot of joy in the water so as a company we aim to make sure kids can still do that even at a time where the idea of a shower or a bath may seem difficult.” – Hannah, Marketing Manager.

Our covers are often used for temporary injuries, allowing children the joy of their holiday despite broken limbs. However, not all of our covers are used for such joyous reasons.

Our Bloccs® PICC line covers are often used for children with long term illnesses who may need to cover a PICC line. It provides them with the comfort of a shower regardless of what else they may be facing.

More About Ben’s Involvement

This will be Ben’s fourth time taking part in the Heavy Metal Truants, the very first being back in 2020. This year he’s been training since January where he’s been trying to cycle at least once a day. In the past month this training has intensified to twice a day all in preparation for the mammoth task of 333 miles in 12 days.

When asked why he wanted to do this Ben responded with “I'm passionate about making a difference in the lives of these children”.

Ben’s sponsorship page can be found here:

SportsGiving - Sponsor Ben in HMT 2023: Go To 11

For more information or to see how you can be involved visit their website here.

“Thank you so much for your kindness and encouragement. Together, we can make a positive change in the world!” – Ben, IT Manager.