January Photo Contest Winner!

January Photo Contest Winner!

We’re delighted to share the feedback from our January photo contest winner, Liz. The week before a beach camping holiday, Liz’s son fractured his elbow and was put in a full arm cast.

Acknowledging that keeping her son out of the water was going to be difficult, Liz searched online for cast covers and came across Bloccs.

 “I was so excited, especially because the arm could be submerged. I was originally hoping for something splashproof, but to find something that he could swim in was a great surprise!” she said.

After reading reviews and watching the videos, Liz thought the cover sounded perfect – but was concerned that it wouldn’t arrive in time. Our customer service team confirmed delivery times and provided assurance that it would arrive ahead of leaving for their holiday, which it did.

Liz followed the instructions to measure her son’s arm before ordering and upon arrival it was a perfect fit. He wore it multiple times a day while away – including in the pool, at the beach and in the shower. “It really did save our holiday”, says Liz.

When the time came to remove the cast, Liz was concerned that there might be some skin breakdown given how often her son was in the water on holiday, and whether the cover was able to withstand all the water play. Happily, his skin was fine – confirming the cover really was fully waterproof!

Following her son’s recovery, Liz passed the cover on to a friend whose son broke his elbow. Excited to share her Bloccs find with them, she’s hopeful she won’t need one again!  

This brilliant photo won Liz an Amazon voucher. If you have a video or photo you would like to share, check out our competition here. If you’re a healthcare professional, you can find more information about our covers here.