Sarah Johnstone

We have just returned from ten days in eurocamp France , beach sea and swimming pools .. Even water slides . I am compelled to write and thank you so much for saving our six year olds holiday and consequently ours. Our daughter broke her arm the week before our holiday and was able to swim fully submerged, even go down the water slides ( although we probably aren't supposed to). We kept it on a max of around an hour and apart from a tiny but of condensation it was totally dry.even after one and half hours. It's very tight around the top of the arm understandably so you may notice that when you you first put it on. Please share this to give confidence to other parents who are about to go away with an active child to a water based place . It's much better than the sleeve cover the Nhs recommends which is ok for showers but not much more . I am evangelical about this product . Thank you so much !!