September Video Contest Winner!

September Video Contest Winner!

School might be back but the memories of summer are far from forgotten. Vicki has showcased her son, Jack, enjoying his holiday in Tenerife despite a broken finger in a fantastic video that’s earned her the title of our September Video contest winner.

It was two days before the end of school during a P.E. lesson Vicki’s son broke his finger. Unfortunately, these two days were Jack’s final days of primary school and the trip to Tenerife was supposed to be a celebration.

The trip to Tenerife had been booked since February and revolved almost entirely around water parks, specifically Siam Park. Boasting the World’s largest wave machine with waves up to 3 metres high the last thing Vicki wanted to do was cancel.

This is where Bloccs® comes in. With the expected cast time of six weeks the threat of cancellation loomed and the prospect of keeping the cast dry even around the house seemed daunting. Luckily, as the doctor informed Vicki that the chances of a water park based holiday were slim another mother on the ward noticed Jack’s look of disappointment. She had her own history with children breaking bones and let Vicki know about Bloccs® telling her that it sounded as though it was exactly what Vicki needed.

The first hand account intrigued Vicki enough to do her own research. She found our website and decided to go ahead and order the Large Child Arm. Opting for the cheapest delivery Vicki was pleasantly surprised when it arrived the next day. The large was the perfect fit forming a watertight but comfortable seal.

A broken finger could no longer stop Jack from enjoying his holiday to the fullest! Not only did Jack get to cool down from the scorching Spanish heat but he also got to enjoy one of the world’s greatest water parks. He swam in the pool, went down slides and just generally had a wonderful time without having to worry about his cast.

For her superb video Vicki has won a £160 Amazon voucher! For your chance to win you can check out our contest details page.