A product that really works, exactly as promoted. Highly recommended! Our little daughter broke her hand just 3 weeks ago, the first day of our vacations in Greece. On top of the ordeal with doctors and hospitals, the little one was devastated because she was afraid she would lose the summer... Seems trivial, but for a 6 year old, missing out the beach and pool fun, is a big deal, especially when her other two siblings were going to be constantly in the water. I searched the net for cast water proof protector and found Bloccs. I immediately wanted to try it, but unfortunately the product is not distributed in Greece and wanted something asap... So, I bought a similar product from a specialized store in Athens. A few tries and it was clear that the product wasn't working well, offering some protection but not 100%. After 3 days it also broke in the opening from the over stretching. I decided to order Bloccs on-line and "digest" the indeed high courier costs (higher than the product it self). It worth it as the product fits perfectly and offers true water proof protection not to mention its thick enough and durable. As an added benefit it looks great, not like a zip-lock bag on your hand like others... So thank you Bloccs for saving the day!!! A few suggestions: 1. You need to find local distributors. Several people in the same condition kept asking me in the beach about where they can buy one. 2. Consider also different colors. Blue is nice, but a pink one would be spot on for girls...;) 3. DHL charges are too high!!!